Designer Skirting 70mm Amber

Designer Skirting 70mm Amber

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  • 12mm x 70mm x 2700mm


  • Per Length


  • Amber
  • Rough Sawn Oak
  • Alabaster Oak
  • Washed Grey Oak


  • Fixing: Use “No More Nails” or similar product
  • Cutting:
    – If using “Hand Saw” paper coating must face upwards
    – If using electrical machine, Skill Saw or Jig Saw paper must face downwards
  • Cleaning: Use a damp cloth
  • Coating: 3D Water resistant paper wrap

How to cut the skirtings and add the wax to the but joints:

  1. Use a mitre box and sharp fine-toothed saw to cut skirting
  2. The joins that are in a straight line on the wall do not need a mitre, a butt joint is sufficient.
  3. Before peeling off double-sided tape apply wax to joints peel off double-sided tape line up on the wall and apply pressure.
  4. A good tip is to use a rubber mallet or the side of your fist and just tap skirting to make sure double-sided tape is properly stuck to the wall.