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Handy Hints

Use this guide to correctly measure your windows for blinds and curtain rods.

Measuring for Rods & Tie Backs

Measure the inside width of the window.

Rods should extend 10-20cm beyond the window on each side. Measure the height according to your existing or new curtain height.

Tie Backs
Tie backs should be installed approximately 1 metre from the floor.

Ensure there is space for your chosen finial at either end of the rod, if space is limited, consider an end cap finial.

Measuring for Blinds

Inside Measurement
Check that nothing is protruding into the recess area where the blind will hang (i.e. burglar bars)

  1. Inside reveal width (take x 3 times: top, middle, bottom: use smallest size)
  2. Inside reveal drop (take x 3 times: left, middle, right: use smallest size)

Outside Measurement

  1. We recommend 10cm overlap on each side of the window
  2. We recommend 10cm overlap on the top of the width of the window

Cut-out Blinds

  1. Measure the width between the tiles
  2. Measure the drop of the tile itself
  3. Measure the width of the tile itself
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