Crescent Haven Children’s Home – 2 Feb 2016

Finishing Touches has always been and will always be, committed to contribute to their community as a way of giving back and empowering those who need it most. In February 2016, we visited the amazing Crescent Haven Child and Youth Care Centre in Lenasia to donate and install blinds, pole sets, curtains and accessories. When it comes to donations, it is normally food, clothes and money that take the forefront, very rarely are luxuries something that is offered. But as a company we decided that the difference between a building where you sleep and a Home, is the finishing touches in between. We wanted to offer the children their own beautiful room – a sanctum where they can be proud of the way it looks and find solace in.

The difference it made to the children to see their rooms so beautifully decorated, was a sight to behold. The pride in their faces and delight to know that this was THEIR brand new curtains and blinds, was so overwhelmingly touching. And although it was a luxury, and not as necessary as food or clothes, it was something that they have never had or experienced before. To them it wasn’t just some wood in their room, but a stunning railing with double tracks where they could choose their own finials and put up both sheer curtains and a darker curtain to block out the sun in the morning. It wasn’t just a blind in the prayer room, but some privacy from the street outside when they wanted to give thanks. It wasn’t just décor, it was theirs.

We give a big thanks to Rashida and her team for welcoming us into their lives with open arms. It was such a humbling experience and all their kids brought such joy to our hearts.